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Nyema Droma is a photographer, designer, curator and entrepreneur born and currently based in Lhasa, Tibet. After having received a BA degree in Fashion Photography and Styling at the London College of Fashion, Nyema moved back to Lhasa to start her own company, Hima Ālaya. 

Nyema is one of the most exciting talents to emerge from a new wave of young contemporary Tibetan artists. Through her stylistic portraits, Nyema manages to capture Tibet’s unique contemporary identity. These portraits provide insights into how traditional cultural heritage blends with society’s transition through modernity and progression into post-modernity.

Exclusively working with local Tibetans, rather than professional models, shecreates very authentic portraits of people who are trying to nd their way in theglobalised and modernised ‘new’ Tibet.


Performing Tibetan Identities, by Clare Harris and Nyema Droma. Oxford, UK 2018

Photographs in Photography and Tibet, by Clare Harris. Oxford, UK 2016

Photographs in Personal Paradigms, PIX Magazine, New Delhi, India, 2020

Photographs in Desire Homme Online MagazineBerlin, Germany 2019

Photographs in Tibet issue,GEO magazine, France 2017

Photographs in Tibet Geographic Magazine, Vol. 3, Tibet, China, 2016

Photographs in Majestic Disorder Magazine, Issue 3, London, UK 2015

Photographs in Croco Magazine, Issue 3, Spain 2015


“Looking Up the Sky” Joint Arts Exhibition from Juvenile Delinquents Curator, Lhasa Juvenile Penitentiary, Tibet China, August 2019

“Himalaya” Contemporary Tibetan Joint Artists Exhibition Curator, Barkour Fashion Square, Tibet China, August 2019

“Tsering Cheynga” Everest Trash Recycling Exhibition Curator, Barkour Fashion Square, Tibet China, August 2019

“Performing Tibetan Identities” Solo Exhibition Artist, Pitt River’s Museum, Oxford UK, October 2018 - September 2019

“One Thousand and One Yeti” Yeti Interpretation Joint Artists Exhibition Curator/Artist,  Tsering Cheynga Mountain Museum, Tibet China, July 2019

“Unknown Lhasa” Joint Exhibition Curator/Artist, Latse Library, New York U.S, May 2019

“Post-modernity in Tibet” Photography Exhibition Curator, Tsering Cheynga Mountain Museum, Tibet China, July 2018

“Either/Or” Solo Exhibition Artist, Art Represent, London UK, November 2017

"Stories from Nepal, Papua New Guinea, and Tibet" Artist, Museum of Impermanence, Forgængeliheds Museum, Denmark, February 2017-May 2017

“Her” Tibetan Female Artists Joint Exhibition Artist, Scorching Sun Gallery, Tibet China, November 2017

“Tibet Annual Photography Festival" Artist, Potala Square, Tibet China, November 2016

“Modernity in Tibet” Solo Exhibition Artist, Hima Ālaya Art Studio, Tibet China, October 2016


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Performing Tibetan Identity, Pitt Rivers Musume, October 2018 https://prm.ox.ac.uk/event/performing-tibetan-identities

Either/ Or, Art Represent, November 2017 https://www.artrepresent.com/either-or-nyem-droma

New Spaces For Tibetan Art, Interview,Lhakar Diaries, July 2015 https://www.google.com.hk/amp/s/lhakardiaries.com/2016/04/27/new-spaces-for-tibetan- art-a-conversation-with-nyema-droma-founder-of-himaalaya-studio-lhasa/amp/







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